Monday, July 03, 2006

July 2

Slept in 'till 11. It felt so good.

Basically wasted the afternoon just laying around. I did spend some time with my gparents tho. We played cards and a boardgame. Lol, like halfway into rummy my grandpa was like, "hell I can't remember how to play this".

After dinner I headed to Kristins - Lesley, Mallory, and Brian. We rented this lame indie horror flick called THE NUN. Basically it's about these girls that got pissed at this nun because she was sticking a knife up this girls vagina to "purify" her, so they drowned the Nun in a bathtub. So everything's fine...NOPE. The Nun comes back when they're older and kills them. Everything about the movie was horrible, but sososo funny.

Dunno if I go downtown tomorrow or not, gotta call in. G'night.


Alley said...

OMG I love THE NUN only because it's so frickin hilarious

Anonymous said...

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