Sunday, April 09, 2006

April 8 & 9

Okay, I'll be able to update from now on, but I couldn't last night because the condo didn't have internet. So I'll update for two days.

So, Saturday morning, we got up at the early time of 6AM and packed the car up and starting driving south. I slept until like 10, then listened to my ipod and read, or wrote stuff. After lunch popped in some DVDs, and that kept me and my sister occupied. So when we finally got to Ft. Walton Beach, we quicly found out that there was a problem. The condo that my dad go with his timeshare thingy...wasn't really a condo, but a single room hotel that was at the most 12 x 20 ft. Being 4 people, we had a perdicament. We went out for dinner, then found places to sleep on the couch or ground, my Mom and sister took the double bed.

The next morning, this morning, my dad woke us up and said he found us a new place, idk if it was trade or not. So we packed all our stuff back up and drove to the next town Destin, which is where we normally hang out anyway. Our condo is just a little down the road from my friend, it's right across from the ocean, and there's 4 beds. Haha, so we're all happy. OH, and there's internet :]

OK. Today it was a warm, 75, the ocean had little to medium waves, just fun to play in. The ocean was cold, but it always is at spring break here. Met up with megan after lunch. We hung out on the beach and at the pool. Drove her home before dinner, and we all got cleaned up. My family went out for chinese - unlike every other restaurant in this town, this place was empty, which was nice.

So now, Im in bed, writing a worthy update and chatting with friends back in good ol' IL.

1st pic is out the window of our new window, 2nd is my sister...laughing lol.

I really didn't take any good pictures today, which isn't an excuse cause there's palm trees and there was an awesome sunset today. Here's the best I got. I'm promising better ones tomorrow - my camera will be at my side.

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