Monday, April 10, 2006

April 10

Today was a good "Florida" day. Slept in, put my suit on, had left over chinese food, headed out.

Called megan and drove down to her condo. We layed out by the pool over near her place, then took a break and walked across the street to the beach. The waves were screwed up due to the wind, they were uneven and choppy. We took a long walk on the beach, which was nice. I forget how much I love being around the ocean.

Around 4, headed back home. Me and the family got cleaned up and went out for dinner. Got some popcorn shrimp, yum. After dinner, went shopping. We ran into Megan's family at the shopping center, so me and Megan split, and walked around ourselves. She got this smoothie thing, and it was really good lol. I want to have one next time I'm there.

Tomorrow I guess we're heading to the next town to meet some of my parent's friends. Hopefully there'll be some kids my age.

I tried to take worth-while pictures today. I should've taken my camera for the walk on the beach - tomorrow I'll put it to better use.




took a break from "laying out"???




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