Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April 11

Ahh, today was warm and the waves were fun. I slept in again and had some cinnamon crunch for breakfast, well a late breakfast/lunch lol. I threw my suit on and drove to pick up Megan. We were supposed to go visit some of my Mom's friends, but they came here instead, which was better. We all hung out at the beach. I plugged my iPod into some speakers and had some musics playing in the backround.

All afternoon we ate food, sunbathed, played around in the waves, bodyboarded a little. It was def fun.

For dinner we went to some old guy's restaruant near the old pier in Destin, it was def good tho.

After dinner did some shopping. Met up with families and saw Megan at the shopping center. I got some new shoes and a sweatshirt, yay.

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