Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12

It was a slow, somewhat cloudy day today. Woke up earlier than normal and my Dad made some eggs and bacon. My Mom and sister went out shopping because they didn't get in enough the night before I guess lol. So I kinda just layed around until noon when my Mom got home and we all had lunch.

My Dad dropped me off down by Megan's condo and we layed on the beach. It was kind of cold, but hey, your at the beach - I didn't complain. I took some shots on the beach. We left there around 3 and hung out in her condo and watched some TV and had snacks. She drove me home, my family was just getting back from the pool too, so we all jumped into the shower and got cleaned up for dinner.

After dinner did some shopping, I got a shirt. Nowwww, Im gonna take it easy the rest of the night and talk with friends.

I had more pictures, but blogger is being a bitch.

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