Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13

Today I woke up having the coolest/strangest dream I've had in a long long time. It involved airplanes, king kong, terrorists, Napoleon, and Jesus. The second I woke up, I had to find some paper and write it down...I didn't want to forget it. Suddenly, when I was writing it down, it didn't seem to make as much sense, but i'd be willing to explain it someone sometime.

Anyway, today was fun. Me and my Dad went to the beach before noon because I was just watching TV and I wanted to get out. We got some sun before Lunch, when my Mom and sister came back from yet, more shopping. But I think they're done now. We had subs for lunch. They were good.

After lunch, Megan came down to our part of the beach and we layed out and swam around in the ocean. It was green flag, so it was calm and you could wade out far and find sandbars, it was def fun. There was a TON of fish near the shore, we walked by like 3 schools of at least 1000 fishies. Fishermen were just casting off the beach, pulling in pretty big fish. ....all this fish kinda made me wonder if any BIGGER fish would come in, but they didn't lol.

We met my Mom's friends for dinner back at the old pier again. I had the same thing for dinner, it was good again.

...Photos are kinda lame today. I had sOSSO many perfect shots at the pier at sunset, but i forgot my camera!!

Tomorrow's the last day!




second one is a master piece

looks like a coors(spelling?) light commercial

noxious said...

I like the second one too.

And I also had a really strange dream that involved lions, talking monkeys, and privatization of Africa. I too wrote it down when I woke up but, like yours, didn't make any sense. Haha.. Maybe we can combine ours and make a really strange story.

Anonymous said...

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