Friday, April 07, 2006

April 7

Today was friday, and it was a good day, except for a French test that I might've failed lol. After school it was really warm out and the sun was out too. I cracked my window open, and then went outside to take pictures and mess around on the drums. Headed to grandparents for dinner, when we left my grandpa handed me the strangest magazine.

After dinner, Kelsey came over and we looked at pictures and photos, then checked out some cool upcoming movie trailers. Later, Dan came on his bike and we checked out some OC. Dan had to leave, but it was cold, so we stuck his bike in Kelsey's car, snuck out, and went to Dan's house. Watching the first season of the OC just shows how much better it is than what it is now.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Florida, our family's annual trip to Destin. It'll be fun, hopefully there's some good waves.

Oh, and I'll bring Rita and search around for internet, so hopefully I'll still be able to update.

"oh, the journal entries."