Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 22

Well it's the afternoon, I'm just about to get in the shower and start getting ready for tonight. Hope it's fun.

This morning we all went to Kristin's house to practice the dance one last time. Went well, should be fun to go crazy tonight.

After lunch with some grilled cheese, I washed my car and vacumed it. Then cleaned my room and helped my Mom set up for the little get-together before dinner. Everyone's coming here for little orderves (sp?) and then pictures. After that we're heading to dinner at a steak-house, then to the Prom, then After-Prom, then who knows.

Well I took a little walk just a little bit ago, it's so nice out. I can't believe just a couple weeks ago everything was so un-green. I love the summer. I got some shots, just uploaded them, now I'm off. I'll update tomorrow with some shots of Prom and stuff.


noxious said...

I like the last two.

And you need to stay away from grilled cheese. Expand your horizons!

Anonymous said...

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