Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23

Last night was Prom. It was awesome, but I'm kinda glad it's all overwith.

I picked up Lesley at 4.30 and we took pictures with her family. We drove back to my house where my Mom had set up a table of little snacks and drinks for our dinner group. When they all arrived, we hung out and chatted. Everyone was pretty excited. Becca was late, but once she finally got to my house, everyone lined up on the deck for pictures. Lol, it's a big deal.

We had dinner at some old steak house downtown. I had a steak and Lesley had pasta. The food was good and everyone had a great time.

We all followed eachother to the Prom at the Crowne Plaza. Walked in as some crazy tunes were already playing. We threw down our stuff and headed for the dance floor. It was a blast. As usual, my group of friends just goes crazy. The DJ was the broadcasting teacher from our school. He had set up a screen so that every song had the music video to go along with it, it was cool. Sometimes tho, the screen distracted people from dancing, they would just stare at the screen. The tunes were good and he actually DJ'ed and mixed all the songs together.

Headed to my house to change, then to After-Prom. It wasn't as fun as last year, but I didn't really complain that much. The obstacle course-blow up thing was fun along with food and entertainmentz. That got over at 4AM, but before it did they handed out prizes and I won a giftcertificate to bestbuy! woot.

Me and Lesley attempted to watch a movie at megan's house after that, but we all just fell asleep. I dropped her off back home at 5.30. The sun was coming up and it was cool. My head hit the pillow at 5.45 and I was out 'till 2.30pm.

SOooo...Today when I woke up I had to help my family work outside. We pulled the old deck apart. After work, we all got cleaned up and headed to my grandparents house for dinner. It was good and I was hungry because I had missed 2 meals. After dinner I roamed around my grandparents neighborhood with my camera. It was cool to walk around a place you don't normally for picture taking.

Now I'm writing this beastly update and then doing a bit of hw and going to bed.

I'm most likely gonna visit UofI this week. Evannnn :]


noxious said...

Very cute.

I'm glad it's over too.



last one is awesome

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