Friday, April 21, 2006

April 21

Ok I just wrote like 5 paragraphs and blogger deleted it :[

Today was Friday and it rocked. Tomrrow's Prom.

Early Jazz before school. After school, drove Dan home and we just messed around. After he left me and my sister actually played in the yard together. We hit fake golfballs around and played on the playground. I felt like I was 8, but hey it was fun.

After dinner Dan came back and we met up with Kelsey to head downtown, but when we were driving by Jake's house, we just stopped and hung out with him and his family for almost an hour. His family and house is amazing. It's the family everyone wishes they had.

Downtown we meet up with Casey oustide of Breadstreachers. The bands were..alright lol, but we never went in. Just talked and met some cool kids outside on the corner. Stevie and Emily showed up later as we were about to leave so we stayed and talked with they some more. I also met 2 kids that I had no idea that went to our school. Christ, that's when you know your highschool is big.

Well, I need sleep and Prom is tomorrow. If I don't update tomorrow, you'll get a double update on Sunday. Adieu!