Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 20

Today was our Humanities class field trip to St. Louis. We visited the Art Museum and the Basilica Church. Both were awesome.

The bus ride was actually quite fun. I hadn't been on a bus in a while, but me and my friends sat in the front and got to talk with the teachers, which are really cool. Mr. Udey the old band director went - I miss him. The coolest part of the bus ride was after lunch, everyone was rather excited for some reason, the teachers were rambling on, the windows were down, and the bus driver was playing an old jazz recording over the speakers of the bus. It was amazing. But things like that I find too cool.

After school me and Clayton played tennis, some actual tennis playing, and it was fun.

Then dinner came and got into a fight with my parents about college again. I can't get it through my Mom's brain that when I go off to college I'm gonna be on my own and do what I want. She's like, "Well you'll still follow my RUlLES!" and "Of COURSE you'll Be Talking To MeE Eeverydday!?" She's going out of control. She thinks I can't survive. She never went to college, she lived with her parents until she was like 24. Exactly. I mean I love her of course, and I guess she's just scared. But it annoys me so much. If she wants me to grow up, she needs to start treating me like an adult.

ugh, sorry /rant.

Here are the photos.

-->The picture of the lamp just turned out like that. I have no idea why there's an X on it. it was just a lamp taken in a room.


noxious said...

Wow those are spectacularly crisp! The darkness of the pictures really conveys the mood that you feel when you're actually there, whether you meant to or not. The pictures I took inside all turned out really blurry and dark and nasty.

And your parents are really sweet, they care about you so much. Just be patient with them. Who knows? You may feel the same way when your kids are going off to college someday.


wow these are awesome