Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17

I slept in 'till almost Noon today. It felt good.

I woke up and my grandma was here. We talked about stuff as I got a bowl of cereal and a muffin. She really is a cool lady. I wish I had known her when she was younger. Same with my parents.

Yeah, I sat around and took a shower around 1. I go out of the shower but didn't really get around to getting dressed until about an hour later. TV shows and computer things got my attention.

Later Kristin called and I went over there to hang out. Went back for dinner around 6. After dinner I picked up Ryan and we went back for the "Thriller Dance Practice". This group of my friends is trying to learn parts of the Thriller dance for prom. I kinda got sucked in. haha, I hope it doesn't turn out bad.

These pics are from Kelsey and my photo adventure last night. We just drove around downtown and blasted music, we also met/found some cool kids.


noxious said...

I like the first one. It's hard to even tell that it's a human, let alone me.

And I enjoy the lights in the second one.

Anonymous said...

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