Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 16

Im in my grandparents basement. I escaped the commotion upstairs. My family is here for Easter Dinner. My aunts and uncles are annoying and their kids just run around screaming. It's kinda storming out tho, which is cool. Hopefully I'll get home soon and can go out with friends.

This morning had to get up and work outside in the yard. Cut grass, picked up sticks. I love that Summer is coming, but it does me the yard work is back lol. Ah well. After the work, took a shower and got cleaned up for Easter Dinner at my grandparents, which is where I am now! OmGZ.

I need to get out and do something fun tonite. Who's up for it?

--Shots I took after I worked outside. The trees in my neighbors yard were budding with flowers and it was pretty.


noxious said...

Nice pictures. I like the first one especially; good depth.

And I'm definitely up to do something (maybe a picture adventure)!!



first one


Anonymous said...

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