Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 15

Longgg day. Got up around 5.45AM for the drive home. I slept most of the way, and listened ot my iPod. I also read a good chuck of In Cold Blood, which is pretty awesome.

We got home around 7.30ish, unloaded the car and had some food. I took a shower and put away all my stuff. I picked up Dan and helped him get his room back together. They got all new wood floors and it looks nice. We drove to Adam's house and hung out. It was nice to get away from the family and just chill with friends. We talked and had foods and stuff. Left at 11.30.

Tomorrow's Easter! I wonder where the Easter Bunny is...

On the bridge out of Destin, the sun was just coming up. And this is the shot I got. It's kinda dark, and it was through the car window.


noxious said...


But Capote is even more beautiful.

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