Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 18

Today it was back to school. School's is so pointless now. Seriously, like all day I didn't pick up a pencil or pen once. I just sit and listen to teacher ramble about things or go to photography class. Im ready for this last couple weeks to be done and I'm set for Prom.

After school it was really nice out. I had my new mix of sweet songs and the window down and it made me smile.

I attempted to play tennis with Clayton and Ryan, but the college girls had the courts for practice, so we took a walk and I took pictures.

I'm seriously getting excited for summer, shows, and college.

Second pic not my fav, but it's something new so I put it up.

BTW. BLOGGER SUCKS AT UPLOADING. There should be a disclaimer because it could kill someone.



the first one is amazing

and right on about the blogger hahah

Dan said...

it took me like 10 seconds to upload a pic.

noxious said...

I rather like the second one.

Anonymous said...

I really like the first one. The second one is good too, but the glare on the rocks is definitely a drawback.

- Alex

Anonymous said...

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