Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 9

Okay so it's Friday and im psyched. What a great day. First of all, it was amazing outside - so warm and inviting. The front porch was bustling. Another reason, no class today of course! I lounged, took a bike ride and just enjoyed the day. What's the last reason? Kelsey of course! Yes! She finally visited.

Afternoon sometime she arrived. I navigated her to the parking garage over the phone. We met in the garage and said our hellos. I had a sweater on and I definitely didn't need it, so nice out. Kelsey remarked how they've had this weather in Carbondale for quite awhile. As we walked up to Allen, she was surprised by the front porch people. Haha if it was my first time to approach Allen during the spring, I'd be scared too.

Until about dinner we stayed in my room. We moved her in and then chatted and caught up. She told me how her spring break just started. It seriously sucks that our break didn't land on the same week. Oh well, this way she gets to visit here and I get to visit Carbondale on mine. I still haven't visited anywhere.

Cosina for dinner. We had a little trouble swiping her in, but this nice girl behind us did it for us. She had a bunch of points, thanks! Dinner as great. We all walked back to Allen and hung out in Caitlin's room for a little. The night was looking a little boring, no parties or anything really presented themselves to us. We tried to watch 'The Conversation' but it didn't really work. I want to see it though.

Back in my room later I got a call from Paulina. She needed a quick favor and I was ready. We all jumped in Kelsey's car and headed to the airport. Paulina's friend was flying in from Texas? for a visit. I guess she was expected to use her sister's car, but it was already in use. Nonetheless, everything worked out and we got there far in time. Her friend turned out to be amazingly nice and very cool. Me and Kelsey giggled at how excited they were in the car, so cute.

The party tonight wasn't anything I was hoping for. No dancing and a bunch of lamers, Caitlin wasn't drinking and Kelsey doesn't much either so the party didn't work out. At one point we did "attempt" the dance, but it's sort of sad how we're expected to be the ones doing that. O well, hopefully there is something more exciting tomorrow night.

TV and snacks, bed soon. Night.

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