Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 10

Woke up this morning, well afternoon, haha. I could've had to wake up early for this leadership conference if I would've signed up in time. It probably would've been really good for my business school application, but I guess I will have to attend the 3-day one after school is over?! We'll see how that works out.

I didn't have enough points to swipe Kelsey for lunch and we both wanted to get out anyway, so we decided to go out. Kelsey said maybe I should drive, I said well your car is right here in the parking lot. She returned with, but I need save my gas to drive me back. I looked at her and said, well fine us to the parking lot to get my car.

At the parking lot we discovered a major problem. My car was dead. Probably a good thing we came to try and drive it so I know now it's dead. We attempted to jump, but who knows if we did that right. Both of us called up the parents on the cell for help, it didn't work out tho. The car is still dead - the battery I guess. The parents might come next week cause my Dad is teaching a class, so hopefully they can fix it then. Anyway, we ended up 'having' to use Kelsey's car haha. Got Pannera for lunch and then showed her some thrift stores. Neither of us got anything, but it was an awesome day out and we had fun.

Clayton also came in to town tonight. He rode with Maria and Paige. He probably could have come yesterday, but his car is broken. All cars broken! I guess he didn't arrive in time for dinner though, because I was finishing up laundry and kelsey was just chilling when Virginia came and rushed us out. We went to Thai is Urbana. We took two cars and I might have gotten us a little lost in Kelsey's car, but it's all good lol. I wasn't that hungry so I just ordered some crab cakes, I did eat some of Kelsey's dinner tho.

We were all planning on this art party right across the street from Jimmy Johns for some fun tonight but of course it ended up not happening. We pouted IN jimmyjohns and then went back to the dorms. I tried to find out where Kristin was going for her party adventures with Maria and Paige but she didn't tell. Back in caitlin's room I got the idea for Canopy dance parties, but everyone was bummed. I took Kelsey and Clayton with me, we went to Gina's room and that's basically where the night started. haha. Shots in gina's room and new friends, then ria txt a new party location.

The party wasn't really a party, but a concert for yes....a Bon Jovi cover band. LOL, it was fun nonetheless. It of course turned into a small dance party afterwards. On the way home we parted with the group and stormed this massive Latino rave house. It was a little scary, we might've been the only white people there. Fun tho. We only stayed for like 5 min though haha.

Snacks and TV, sleep soon. Clayton headed upstairs to sleep with Caitlin and Karen.

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