Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December 7

Almost done with classes for this semester. Tomorrow is one last Econ quiz then the weekend - hopefully filled with lots of fun ahem..and studying!! If I can do good on this last quiz, it might help out my grade. The prof said he drops the lowest quiz grade, only taking the highest 3.

Tonight was OC night with Gina. That show is really different now, but I won't stop watching. I don't know why...the OC has been a part of life since..it seems like forever. I have faith it can turn around. We'll see...Today also involved a bunch of studying. Altho I also spent alot of time playing Zelda of course. Oops.

65th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Weird how long ago that was, but yet...not.

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noxious said...

lol.. your blog is in shambles.