Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 6

Happy birthday Miss Virginia! She's actually 18 now - and in college! Haha. Virginia was the first real college bud I made. We met at the Allen bubble dance party. We noticed each other because we were the only ones dancing with sweet skillz - we showed up everyone else. From then on...we were buds.

Anyway, tonight after some exams/homework/studying we all met in my room. I gave her my little present (Christmas DVD) and she brought a cookie cake her Mom had sent her. Steph and Nico arrived later. Steph was a little bummed about her Chemistry exam that night, so we cheered her up with some hugs and cookie cake.

Later to celebrate, we smoked a cigar outside the dorm and then walked over to Dave's house to hang out.

Happy birthday.

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