Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15

Another wet and cold morning, especially on the biked. Yucky.

The econ essay test went well this morning. Turned out we were able to just pick any of the 4 questions and answer it. I was sorta pissed but glad at the same time..Oh well. We'll see how OPEC treats me.

Put the final edits on my history paper after discussion today at noon. Asked the TA about different capitalizations. I think my paper's fine and dandy now, ready to be turned in at 9am sharp. I better not be late!

After dinner me and Gina went ice skating! Oh it was so much fun, and only a buck per person. We will definitely be doing this more often. I sort of miss skating. Other than the dreadfully cold weather while walking to and from the rink, it was an awesome time. yay

Did physics hw later with the geniuses and then chatted with Ria and V. G'night

1 more day.

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