Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November 14

Every school day is pretty much the same, so I should probably stop telling you...went to class...went to lunch. But yes. I did those things today. lol

After lunch I worked on the fixes for my paper, not due 'till Thursday but I need to ask my TA some questions about what exactly do you capitalize..and what don't you? Like, pope? holy war? papacy? king? see!

Made a more condensed outline for my econ essay tomorrow, gah this stuff is almost all over.

After dinner did a bit more studying, then watched Dancing with the Stars with steph (really random I know, but they were supposedly going to the play the Wii commercial, which they did). Hmpphz. Ever get that feeling that you could've done something better? I could've made the most badass Wii commerical ever...this is a little lame. But whatevs

Hah, later headed to late night with Steph, Gina, Dave and Brickman. Got some milk, cereal, and chips for snacks the rest of the week. I also figured out I have a ton of credits...so I guess I do need to hit up late night more often.

After a little last minute review, it's almost midnight and time to hit the sack. g'night

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noxious said...

I can't wait to hang out!