Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 8

Ok since I left my memory card downtown accidently, I couldn't take any shots today. BUT I went back through and picked out some of my fav pics from the past 5 months. There's like 35 pics here, enjoy!

Do you see something odd in this picture?

I slept in today and got into work around 10.30ish. It was slow, but after eating some food and realizing it was almost already 2 o'clock I got to leave soon. At home I chilled and ate cookies that my Mom had just made..yummy. I stayed for dinner instead of meeting people at the Banana Leaf for dinner, got cleaned up. Talked to Dan and we drove to Best Buy and picked up the hellogoodbye Cd! It's awesome!! Came back to my house, hung out, took him home bit before 11.

2 days 'till my party
3 days 'till Allison/Carolyn's pary
8 days 'till COLLEGE. OMG


noxious said...

The one of the ties is still probably my favorite picture of yours. I love it for some reason.

Dan said...

Holy SHIT that first one from Colorado is AMAZING.

Oh and is there a face in the clouds in that pic?