Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 7

Downtown 'till 3. Went fast cause I was entertained by the Apple conference around noon. Fun stuff, but no iPhone or w/e. So I'm getting a razor...in like 2 days!!

After work, Ryan called and wanted to go on the lake for a bit. Did that with Kristin and Paige also. It was actually cool, even tho there weren't any boats out. Tubing is t3h best.

So...haha. The Pawnee party wasn't really what everyone was expecting but still awesome. Picked up clayton, got our things together and met at Erins, picked up Becca. The party was basically outside with this barn where all the bands play. The last band was fun, just cause everyone packed in there to watch and clapped and stuff. "The Elation". Everyone at the party was awesomely friendly and we meet many super cool kids, oh and I saw kids like Maggie and Jo there too ;D

After all the bands ended there was a massive downpour of rain, but it felt sooo good. We played in the rain and danced, Kelsey and nathan jumped on the trampoline in the rain. haha. We got into erin' car, soaked, and stopped at McDonalds for drinks and snacks then back to her house. We chilled and watched the hellogoobye DVD. WHICH THERE CD IS OUT NOW BUT IM NOT GETTING IT, because I heard someone might be getting it for me? ^.^

The pics are from other days that I never posted, I had my camera with me tonight but forgot my damn memory card.

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