Saturday, April 29, 2006

April 29

Today me and Kelsey found it. The Church. It's out in the middle of nowhere, surrouned by trees. No one seriously knows about that place. It was being remodled..but..that didn't stop us from going in lol. Took alot of shots. Some of rooms in that place scared me. Especially being the the attic, above a 500 foot dome. Yeah.

Went out for dinner with gramps to celebrate my sister re-making the Poms squad. oh yeah.

After than, everyone met at Erins. We didn't really do anything, but messed around. It was something to do.

Lots of shots today. I think I need a bigger memory card lol.


noxious said...

Haha.. we took pictures of the same things, just in different ways.

I think the pictures from the courthouse turned out the best 'cos of that great lighting.

Anonymous said...

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