Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28

Early Jazz this morning, but school only lasted a little bit. Drove home at noon. My Mom packed me and my Dad a little lunch, so we snacked in the car on the way to Champaign. The ride was long, my Dad was seriously going like 60mph, I think I fell asleep once, I'm not sure.

Anyway I got to meet Evan and he showed me his dorm and walked around campus with me. He was cool and very nice. His dorm is decorated quite nicely, but I guess that goes to Bill - his interior designer roomate. lol. But yeah, he showed me the different stuff at Allen and we walked to the Canopy Club and the Music Center place, he wanted to shoot a piano but there was people there.

We walked back and got to meet his roomate but I had to go at 3. We left and visited ISR and Bromley again. After seeing them all, I'm pretty much set against private housing now. Allen is pretty sweet.

I got home and had some dinner then went to see Silent Hill. Most ridiculous movie ever. It's out of control. Really, it's just so crazy. I laughed the entire time. Good times tho. Me and Clayton headed over to Lesely's house after the movie for some food and we played a fierce game of Harry Potter scene it! I kicked butt.

Alright I guess I'll go to bed. Tomorrow me and Kelsey will hopefully find this church and gain access for good pictures.



noxious said...

lol that crazy-ass movie made a cool picture.

And we're gonna find that daum church! YEAH!


hahah cute pupp