Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 3

-Noon lunch
-Realize the shrinking time we have to leave
-Leave 3.30ish/get gas
-Car Ride to IN
-Might've accidentally been going West when we should've gone East
-Made in to Bloomington on time however
-Parked and ran to the venue
-DJ Fluffy then GirlTalk
-Concert was not was we were expecting
-Not exciting at all, speakers kept blowing, horrible venue
-HOWEVER. Caitlin and Karen were invited to an after party while in the bathroom
-Suddenly the night looked better
-Left and found the house/Parked
-Okay this party was amazing. I LOVED it.
-We partied with GirlTalk and DJFluffy. It WAS the fucking afterparty
-Probably the youngest kids there but we kept it real
-Ride back/DIDN'T GET LOST.
-CU around 3am-ish
-Chillz and gbyes in Caitlin's room

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