Friday, January 26, 2007

January 20

Last night I had to be extra careful to set my alarm. Today I had 1pm traffic school! Omg what a waste of time. The instructor was so ridiculous. I cannot imagine being his father, I feel sorry for his kids. He knows every law by heart and its number. This guys told us that he spent 6 months researching a tow truck company for his family to put on speed dial 1 & 2. WOW.

After class I stopped by the mall to look at some clothes by didn't have any luck. When I got back to Urbana I found Virginia, Karen Loda, Caitlin and Steph waiting for me. They wanted to go to the mall! First we stopped and got some dinner at TacoBell! YUMM! I was just at the mall! OH well they wanted to see Nico at work (Ambercrombie) and I wasn't driving. The mall was super crowded and after a little shopping and visits we left.

The rest of the night was just bs and hang out time until the party at 808. I visited Ria upstairs to find Paulina and Jeremy totally OC. Good times. After a walk around Allen we made it to 808 just as the party was starting. Okay this bash was so out of control amazing. I pretty much lost control and everyone else did too. The music was meh, OK but I danced it out anyway with Caitlin and Virginia. Gina showed up later too, Oh and evan!

I could've stayed there and danced forever but the cops came! We had 2 min to get out. I wasn't really worried and neither was anyone else. We went back to Allen and then decided for some food on Green street. Qudoba was packed so Caitlin's sister gave us the 2nd floor to ourselves...and we basically threw a second dance party there. Omgggg hahaha.

Back to 808 for a little hang out and sing along then to Allen. And now it's super late and I need SLEEP. I got shit to do tomorrow.

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