Saturday, December 23, 2006

December 23

I sort of slept in alot today, but I seriously needed it. The chicago trip and this little cold that I picked up in the city got to me, and a bit extra of sleep I felt was good for me. My Dad tried to wake me up for 9am breakfast - but that did not happen.

Around noon Kelsey came over. I accidentally wasn't dressed yet and she probably felt a bit awkward sitting in the den with my Mom as I changed but she's used to it by now. We had a few errands to attend to. We hit Halmark in the Capital city shopping center. My Mom wanted us to return this little UofI candle thingy. Once that was out of the way, our adventure started.

I don't think there is anyone else that I can share these photo adventures with. Somehow me and Kelsey always end up finding the coolest little places and locales. We discovered this barren farm bassin basically, with a bunch of old oil pumps and wells. We drove east from Rochester, ending up in some small town called Edendburg. The end of our trip took us to downtown Spfld for an ice cream and a walk through the Praire Archives.

Dinner tonight with the neighbors. Christmas dinner. It was pretty good, but I think my favorite was the cookies!

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