Saturday, December 23, 2006

December 19

The holidays are in full swing and you know what that means....Christmas parties! Wooooo (Not really - I find them sort of annoying but big fun parties are always fun). It was my Dad's office party downtown today around noon. Christin didn't have to go because she's still in school. My Mom went with my Dad around 9am to go setup...I didn't haha. I got up at 11.30 and raced downtown - got there just in time.

My Mom makes some pretty awesome snack food. She could/should seriously open a restaurant or something. She slaved away in the kitchen for days to make all this food. 100+ people. Soup, sandwiches, cookies, desert. The best part is there's a ton of leftovers for us at home.

Later tonight I visited Kristin. Mallory and Clayton were there. We just talked, hung out, listen to music. Kristin did some gift wrapping. Around 11.30 me and Clayton became super hungry so ran to taco bell. Tbell is pretty yummy late.

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noxious said...

Yay new Facebook picture! You did a good job shooting that day. Either that or I'm just naturally cute.