Sunday, December 17, 2006

December 17

That's our "Xmas 2006 family photo". MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE CUDMORES. That shot was one of like, 100+ photos. Every pictures I thought I looked good in, my sister complained she didn't look good enough. Finally we arrived on a compromise. I also had to do a hella ton of photoshoping. However the end result seems pretty nice. I hope all those people on my Mom's mailing list enjoy this little picture - it took a lot of work lol.

Other than that, I stayed in my pajamas all day. I play alot of Smash Bros. It's so weird, that game is almost 3 years old and it's got a new place in my heart now. Ever since college, Smash is seriously the shit. So I've been working on getting all the trophies and beating each individual target test. The target tests can be a serious bitch, but by 4pm I was very satisfied when each character had a high score and completion.

Nothing seems to be going on...I feel as if I should spontaneously go up to chicago and visit/see the city. I better get this idea to the folks as soon as possible...Or else it probably won't happen.

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