Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 14

Last test was tonight: Physics. It went pretty good I think. I can miss 20 questions and still get an A? Well since there's 96 questions total...the probability of that happening is probably pretty slim, but I can cross my fingers can't I? Afterwards me and Kristin stopped at ISR late night for some quick treats and foods because this was our last final, and tomorrow we got home!

I am pretty excited about packing up and seeing the family. I have a feeling this break is going to be good. Looking forward to seeing Kelsey and lots of friends. Some photo adventures I'm sure will happen, Daniel will most likely be out of control, and my grandma will fix up some yummy food.

I still don't know if I should depart tomorrow or just depends on whether something fun is going on friday night. Later tonight we all hung out at Daves and said goodbye. Little celebrations and some quick dancing..Ahhh I'm going to miss the dance parties.

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