Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 5

Woke up and showered for the usual noon brunch on Sundays. Made a waffle which is always good...covered in in strawberries, yumyum.

Got ryan's loft kid. Lofted his bed too now. Rearranged the room...uhm, yeah, it's pretty awesome.

Got my photog project shot in the afternoon with Gina and Steph. Parked my car and then walked back, taking pics along the way. We desperately wanted to get into the greenhouse but didn't have any luck. Someday...we'll get in there.

Up 'till dinner I took care of Steph lol. She's really sick. So I layed her down on the footon and fed her some chicken noodle soup. We watched the top 100 80's songs on VH1, Bon Jovi #1? the 80's. "totally awesome!"

Veggie quesedillas for dinner, then econ homework. Film developing, contact printing.

Now with this comfy footon and tv, I know i'll get so distracted all the time. uhoh



usually you can just walk in the green house

do they have it locked now?

tell steph i say i hope she gets better :)

noxious said...

Your pictures aren't showing up for me for some reason.