Sunday, August 06, 2006

August 5

Today was aweome. Got to sleep in 'till like 11..Felt so goood!

In the afternoon I lounged, then went on the lake with Ryan around 2ish. About 4 I had to get cleaned up for hanging with Kelsey. We distributed some flyers for our party, then met up with tyler and his friend from Peoria. They were passing through to Kansas City for the weekend. Tyler was cool. We hung out at sonic then walked the mall. Fun stuff.

Kelsey got picked up at the mall by Nathan, I guess they went off to see a movie. I drove home, and had a pizza with Ryan. We drove to claytons house, he was also eating pizza lol. So we watched the end of Legally Blonde then jumped in the car, dropped Ryan off, then went to Erins. At Erins we just drove around, headed downtown and ended up at the blacksheep. The elation had just finished, they're from Chicago, but we got to hang out with them. They invited us to his private house party in Pawnee on monday I'm so there.

Tomorrw work 4-8, but shopping before hand with Clayton.

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Alley said...

aww becca looks so cute