Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June 6

I took these with the Pentax I was checkin' out in Circuit City today.

This morning I woke up to a list of things to do before I went to work. I completed about half of them.

It was going to storm, I knew it would. I got to the pool at 4 and no one was there. I took a nap and did Sudoku puzzles until 6, so I could at least earn some money for driving there. At 6 I left. I took the route home through Chatham to check the FamVid there for "Mommie Dearest", but had no luck.

At home I futsed with my newly replaced iPod and watched tv. I talk to clayton and we went on a search for the movie, the one I tried to get in Chatham. We had no luck, so we said fuck it and went to buy it. Best Buy had it and it was a miracle. AND it only cost 10 bucks.

Nathan and Kelsey came over to watch it with us. AMAZING.


NaiveMelody6 said...

What movie?

Mr. Blue Sky Photography said...

Mommie dearest!

Anonymous said...

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