Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 3 & 4

The last two days have been filled with excitement, absolute craziness, a bit of saddness, defintely some fun, but mostly a sense of completion. And I'm glad it's all over with. I didn't have enough time to update yesterday, so here's a run down of what happened.


-Kristin's grad party
-Steve's party!
-Megan's party
-Straight to Erin H. house
-Then finally to Brian Arnold's house for the chocolate fountain.

Then got home and ready for the big night at 8. Got there at 7. It was a pretty surreal experience. There were so many people there. Kristin sat behind me, and she said something that I'll probably never forget. "We're fucking graduating Justin!"

After the ceremony, got some taco bell with gramps. Saw steph!
Home to eat.
Then I called Lesley, and they were all just getting to taco bell, so I figured I'd go sit there with them and talk. Got there but the drive-through was closed, we attempted to wall through it...but Steph wouldn't allow that. We all crammed into Kristin's car and got the goods and drove over to Brian's house. Ate there and almost got attacked by his crazy bird.

Got back to Taco Bell to get our cars. Everyone decided to hang at my house. Kristin had to go to Maria's, so we said goodbye. At my house we hung out, watched home movies and did Karaoke 'till 2am. LOL


Had the family grad brunch at 10.30. Everyone came and it was nice. Oh....$$$$$$

lol, at 2 I went to Nini's senior recital at the Chinese Church. It was really cool. Def not boring. She played many cool songs, some of which I need to download. There were also many chinese treats which tasted awesome.

Kelsey's party was at 5, didn't get there till 6 tho cause I had to make a card!

Afterwards Dan came back here and we did basically nothing.

I'm tired, but probably won't get to bed until late like usual.

My Mom's friend's cute baby girl, Anna! Took this today (Sunday).

Meeee! (Yesterday)

My grandparents! (Yesterday)